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SHOCHU Ikkomon

€29,00 EUR

"IKKOMON"means "Stubborn". IKKOMON are made by stubborn craftsmen who are determined to "Quality". This potato Shochu uses only potato, including the Koji, a "100% Potato" product. A smooth and fragrant flavour profile. Good "On the rocks", with ice and water, or even with hot water. 

Volume: 720ml
Alcohol content: 25%
Ingredients: Sweet potato, white koji and water
Remarks: suitable for vegetarians

Shochu is a white alcohol resembling vodka. Titrant between 20 and 45 ° and distilled from different ingredients such as sweet potato, rice, barley or brown sugar. It is extremely popular in Japan and drinks both "Straight" and "On the rocks "or in cocktail.

It seems that shochu has arrived of South-East Asia by Ryu-Kyu Islands (Okinawa) who continue to distill a local variant (Awamori) to long rice base while the rice grown in Japan is a short rice (Japonica). A little further north of Okinawa, Kyushu constituted the land of origin of the Japanese shochu but this time distilled sweet potatoes, a crop emblematic of the region.

Today there are so many shochu that there are cereals or plants: buckwheat, shiso, barley, rice, potatoes sweet