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Shochikubai - Nigori (cloudy) Junmai Sake - refreshing aperitif and spicy dishes

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  • Soft and silk texture, characterised as "Sweet"
  • The sake remains sweet because of the of rice that is still in the bottle
  • This sake has a low alcoholic level because it is only fermented for a few weeks
  • Easy to drink and smooth which has many food pairings
  • Artisanal sake.

Food Pairings: Spicy dishes, Fish, Citrus-based cocktails. NIGORI, literally cloudy, means that this sake is unfiltered. 

Sho chiku bai nigori junmai 10.5% sake is an unfiltered type of sake that is therefore very cloudy and has a cloudy appearance. 

This type of sake is often less alcoholic than other sakes, which is the case with this junmai nigori sake packaged in a 240 ml bottle which has an alcohol content of 10.5% and a sweet and light character.

In order to take full advantage of all the aromas of this sake, it is advisable to consume it very fresh, and to shake it well before serving it, ideally in a sake cup.

You can use nigorizake during meals that consist of spicy dishes, based on curry for example, but also during your aperitifs.

Drink cold and shake well before tasting.

Capacity: 240ml
Alcohol: 10.5%
Polishing rate: 60% - gohyakumangoku
Brewery: Shirakabegura
Provence: Nada-Kobe, Hyogo

Junmai Sake is brewed using only rice, water, yeast and koji. There are no other additives. To qualify as a Junmai, there is technically no minimum milling requirement, but the sake must be the “pure rice” style… no added distilled alcohol allowed.

Remarks: Due to custom restrictions on food related items, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States and Russia.


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