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SAYAMA Organic Musashi-kaori Tea Premium

€18,00 EUR

Premium Single Origin Tea

Masuoka-en owns a tea plantation of 3.1 hectares in kanekodai, Iruma City, Saitama. It went organic in 1972 and was certified as an organic grower by passing JAS standards for organic vegetables in 2002. Masuoka-en is the only certified organic tea grower in Sayama.

The planter, Mr. Shinichi Masuoka, has been passionately researching organic growing method. His product, ‘Musashi-kaori’, an excellent organic tea which harmonizes citrus, fresh aroma with mild umami taste.

It won the gold medal at the organic tea category of C’est bon le Japon in 2018, a Japanese tea competition held in Paris.

‘Musashi-kaori’ is a brand raised by Saitama Tea Research Institute, and registered in 2001. As the cultivation field is not large enough for its popularity, you sometimes find it sold out if you visit this farm in late fall.

This tea tastes good as hot tea, but it also tastes good as cold tea because the leaves are roasted rather strongly.

This years "Musahi kaori": Plucking on May 17th. This year the tea was made with a slightly stronger roast named, "incense of fire". This is because it is also suitable for western food. As a result, the floral scent typical of, "Musashikaori" has receded a little. In the end the finished tea is very smooth and easy to drink.

How to brew & store:
Put 10g of tea (2 tea spoons) in 430ml of 90°C water for 1 minute.

Contains: 100g

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (Both before and after opening). Best when consumed soon after opening. Otherwise put in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer.

Place of origin: Sayama, Saitama prefecture

Single Origin Tea:
Traditionally, Japanese green tea was put on the market after blending different species of tea leaves; the base of the blending was “Yabukita” species. Generally, “Yabukita” as the blending base occupied more than 70% of all the green tea on the market.

Recently, however, Japanese people became aware of the delicacy of “The Single Origin Tea”. We enjoy the unique pure taste of one tea species, as people do when they drink black tea or whiskey. On this trend, Agricultural Research Centers throughout Japan are now developing new tea species which are unique in their taste and flavor.