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PORTER Counter Shade 2 Way Tote Bag

€550,00 EUR

This is one of the limited series, exclusive for PORTER flagship stores and online store in Japan. The colour was originally created with a typical wood land pattern in camouflage pattern.


This is a tote bag with a large mouth that makes it easy to put things in and out. The handle is designed to be long so that men also can pass through their shoulders. 
The interior is equipped with a PC pocket, which can be held by hand with the included shoulder strap and used in a 2-way shoulder strap.


Made with "Woodland pattern" which is a typical one of all camouflage patterns. Developed in 1981 for coniferous forest zone. The series name “COUNTER SHADE” is one of the ways of camouflage pattern. To be divided the colour of lighten part and shadow part, it gets a well-camouflage pattern.

Each PORTER bag is handmade by one single skilled craftsman in Japan from beginning to end.

  • Outside: 2
  • Inside: Pockets 2 - PC 1

Body: Nylon Twill (Polyester Cotton Bonding)
Inside: Polyester Taffeta

  • Ref: 381-05236
  • Size: W350/H370/D130mm
  • Colour: Woodland khaki

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