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MAKANAI Yuzu Beauty Oil

€39,00 EUR

For the gold workers who created the secrets behind Makanai products, working with gold leaf by hand daily, the precious metal was considered a noble material of natural origin. But it was after having tested it on their own face that they were able to see its beneficial action. They noticed that their complexion was brighter and their skin was less prone to pigmentations. Makanai cosme thus continued its research on the benefits of gold leaf. We have confirmed the rumors about its effectiveness by proving its impact on cell regeneration. Gold leaf would influence premature aging of the skin by improving cell renewal.

This natural recipe of camellia, jojoba and sesame oil with gold particles leaves the skin smooth and silky. Exclusively of vegetable origin, the light and penetrating oil protects the skin and gives it a radiant complexion.

Beauty oil can also be used to penetrate the polishing gold foil mask.

This is a specially crafted beauty oil, with a mixture of botanical oils from jojoba, sesame and other natural ingredients. It offers softness and ample moisture that improves your skin.

This beauty oil has been added also the natural yuzu (Japanese lemon) element, and together with its natural fragrance, it would keep your skin fresh while the gold leaves would keep your skin hydrated and soft !

Volume : 20 ml

How to use: 
  • Put on 2 drops of Beauty Oil, and massage until full absorption.
  • May use after applying the brightening skin lotion.