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MAKANAI Facecare Gift Set (5 items)

€140,00 EUR

This facecare gift set brings you the 5 best-seller products of MAKANAI, dedicated for providing the best experience from cleasing to skincare.

This gift set includes:

- MAKANAI Konjac Sponge (Dia. 70 x H20 mm) *2
- MAKANAI Shirosube Skin Brighter Lotion (100ml) *1
- MAKANAI Yuzu Beauty Oil (20ml) *1
- MAKANAI Face Cream (30g) *1
- B&A Gift Bag Packing

Konjac sponge has a reputation for being "one-tone brighter" in Japan, after every gentle cleanse of the face. It is made entirely out of Glucomannan, a natural fibre derived from the root of the konjac plant. It helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate dead cells, while its moisture-rich properties would leave your skin smooth and supple.

The Makanai lotion is best to be used after washing your face thoroughly, it could penetrates deep into your pores and hydrates your skin. Unlike most toners unfamiliar to the Japanese beauty regime that are believed to over-cleanse your pores and strip away natural oils, this Skin Lotion is packed with active ingredients to purify, balance and protect your skin from the bright sun for a porcelain-like skin.

The beauty oil is specially crafted, with a mixture of botanical oils from jojoba, sesame and other natural ingredients. It offers softness and ample moisture that improves your skin.

The face cream with natural moisturizing and emollient components, softens well the skin and hydrates it durably in depth.

All Makanai cosmetic facecare products could be used on all skin types !

Place of origin: Japan