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MAKANAI Camelia Infused Konjac Sponge

€17,50 EUR

It is a natural sponge with a blissful texture that removes old dead skin and fine hair. Ideal for the entire family.

It has a reputation for being "one-tone brighter" just by gently stroking with a sponge. Konjac sponge is made entirely out of Glucomannan, a natural fibre derived from the root of the konjac plant. It helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate dead cells while its moisture-rich properties leave your skin smooth and supple. The surface is always covered with moisture due to the strong water retention of konjac fiber. As a result, the fibers are less likely to come into direct contact with the skin, leaving the surface of the skin intact and smoothing out the skin, removing fine hairs and dead skin cells. 

By the action of the weak alkaline component, it neutralizes and degrades dirt and dirt and rinses it away. Washed in a soft, moistened state, so you can use it if you have sensitive skin or atopic problems.

Composition: konjac mannan 100%
Size (Dry): Dia. 7 * H2 cm
Size (Expanded): Dia. 8 * H4.5 cm