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KURASHIKI SEIRO Refills for Scented Card Candles

€25,00 EUR


This scented candle is like a stick of traditional gum. You only need one slice of a card candle for the refreshing of your mind in a busy day.

This set comes with already a customized brass stand for this special candle form, and as it has a light weight, you could easily carry this candle along with you, and light it up whereever you go !

Content: Each refill pack includes 5 candles.
Please keep and reuse the brass stand from the original set for the card candles
Burning time (approximate): 30min
Package size: L28 × W20 x H85mm
Candle size: L18 × W3 x H70mm

Place of origin:
Hand-made in Kurashiki, Japan

Available Scents:

Fresh Floral:
Elegant juicy floral fragrance made of rose and jasmine base with a hint of fresh citrus and sweet sour plum.

Fresh Green:
Fresh and sharp intellectual fragrance made of tea, geranium and palmarosa.

Cassis Leaves:
Fruity green floral fragrance made of fresh sweet rose with cassis leaf as an accent.

NOTE about the card candle stand

  • the brass card candle stand only comes with the regular Scented Card Candle package, please check and purchase here