Natural Konjac Face
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac
The Original Konjac

Natural Konjac Face Sponge

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Natural Konjac Face Sponge


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  • The original 100% additive-free konjac sponge for over 130 years
  • Wash your face with only the sponge and hot water
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, acne skin, atopic skin, dry skin, etc
  • Natural food-grade sponges that are bleached only by the sunlight and dried only by the wind
  • Konjak made from pure domestic konjak flour is repeatedly frozen and thawed
  • It is popular not only for your own use, but also as a birthday or a small gift

Konjak sponge has a reputation for being "one-tone brighter" in Japan, after every gentle cleanse of the face. It is made entirely out of Glucomannan, a natural fibre derived from the root of the konjak plant. It helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate dead cells, while its moisture-rich properties would leave your skin smooth and supple.

Handcrafted over a period of about two months during the harsh winter. Konnyaku is repeatedly frozen and thawed by the power of nature, and the konjak fibres are made into a sponge. Bleaching is done by drying in the sun without using chemicals. Not only is it of natural origin that is gentle on the skin, but it does not put any burden on the environment.

Composition: konjac mannan 100% (Pure vegetable konjac starch)
No synthetic colouring or preservatives used
Because it uses natural fibres, the period of use is about 3 weeks.
Made in Japan