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B&A Moisturizing Essential Skin Set (4 items)

€125,00 EUR

This gift set includes:

- IREN Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum, 15ml x 1
- IREN Skin Keep Calm Soothing Serum, 15ml x 1
- IREN Skin Quench-up Hydrating Serum, 15ml x 1
- IREN Skin Start Afresh Daily Enzyme Powder Wash, 50g x 1
- Bows & Arrows gift bag packing x 1

The Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum resets and repairs the skin to a healthy state and forms also a defense shield, against the damaging effects of free radicals, stress, pollution and other environmental attacks. This unique formula combines 6 powerful antioxidants to protect against: free radicals, UV rays damage, blue light exposure; and to regenerate: healing speed, skin cells renewal, and skin structure. 

The Keep Calm Soothing Serum uses a Heal + Hydrate system to help calm sensitive skin in two phases: the healing phase soothes the skin to reduce sensitivity and redness, and the hydrating phase repairs the skin’s natural moisture barrier to ensure quick recovery.

The Quench-up Hydrating Serum contains 12 moisturizing ingredients and provides up to 12 times the moisture for dehydrated skin ! This thirst-quenching formula uses a clever blend of multiple moisturizing agents to provide instant and intense hydration to regain a plump and dewy complexion.

The Start Afresh Daily Enzyme Powder Wash provides triple cleansing action to remove dirt, sebum and old keratin leaving skin soft and supple. The non-drying formula comes in an ultra-fine powder form that will not aggravate the skin and will lather into a rich creamy foam that feels pleasant on the skin !

This superfruit booster special skin care serum series provides an excellent customizable skincare solutions to their users. These serums are made from natural scientifically proven clean ingredients and advanced technology in Japan, to ensure efficacy and precision in targeting unique skin's needs.

These serums are designed to treat different skin conditions, allowing effective customizations by combining several serums together, in order to achieve a collaborated result. A range of 7 serums (each with a specific function) that can be mixed up to 3 to create a customized superserum, with maximum effect and efficiency, tailored to your individual skin needs! With our 35 unique combinations, no skin is left behind !

For more information about IREN Skin, please check our brand booklets below !:
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