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B&A Washing Gel Set (2 items)

€52,00 EUR

This special body wash set introduces 2 types of premium boy washing gels, from Cokon Lab collection from Japan. Cokon Lab team grows organic silk mulberry trees at high altitude and uses an innovative process to naturally improve the moisturizing properties of the cultivated silk. 

This method brings multiple benefits to Cokon Lab's body care line: natural protection, increase of elasticity and hydration level along with skin renewal stimulation. And in order to ensure the best quality, Cokon Lab products are 100% made in Kumamoto, Japan from all natural ingredients through a traceable process.

This gift set includes:

- Cokon Lab Blanc Plume Hand & Body Wash Gel, 280ml  x 1
- Cokon Lab Reve Blanc Hand & Body Wash Gel, 280ml x 1
- Bows & Arrows Gift Bag Packing

This washing gel model is made from Japanese silk, which could deeply cleanse the skin while retaining moisture on the dermis after use.

The blanc plume version provides an exceptional energizing woody and citrus fragrance.

And the Rêve Blanc version provides an unique soft and soothing, woody and flowery fragrance.

The silk is 100% made of proteins and therefor of amino acids which provide traditional silk a superior moisture-retaining capacity.

To naturally increase these moisturizing benefits, Cokon Lab has developed an innovative process that strongly increasing the silk protein level. As a result, Cokon Lab’s silk is 20 times more moisture-retaining than conventional silk.

Volume: 280ml
Made in Japan with care

Tips for use:

Take an appropriate amount of gel on your hand or on a washcloth, lather well, clean gently and rinse thoroughly.