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AZMAYA Tea Pitcher / Milk Jug Medium Chaumi

€55,00 EUR

It is a tool created to divide the tea equally into tea bowls, by making the tea, which will surely differ in concentration depending on the timing of pouring, into the tea sea, by even pouring it into the tea sea. Also, it is useful as a "hot water cooler" to adjust the hot water temperature before pouring freshly boiled water into the teapot. Every type of tea has a different temperature for making tea.

Noteworthy is the design of the spout. The secret lies in the structure of his mouth. Because the fabric is made thinner than other parts, and the glaze is also densely made to be thin, hot water is running out and it is difficult to drip so it stays hot and doesn't allow water to cool it.

two sizes, medium and small are prepared according to the size of the teapot you use.

In addition to using it as a tea sea, a hot water cold, please use it for various purposes such as dressing and putting up and accompanying the table of the morning day and night, or using it as coffee time as a milk pitcher.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe. 

Designed by Osamu Sugayama

  • Material: Amakusa pottery stone, Lime glaze
  • Medium: W130 × D82 × H90 mm (290ml)

Place of Origin: Handcrafted at Shiratake, Hasami, Japan