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AZMAYA Iga Shino White Tea Cup

€62,00 EUR

Handcrafted using traditional techniques, Iga-ware uses clay and natural glazes local to the region which are extremely resistant to heat and react well to repeated firing. Iga clay offers an elevated level of hardness while the pebbles in the clay result in natural character and texture.

The classic Japanese “Shino” white glossy glaze perfectly complements the rough expression of the Iga soil.

  • Size : 250ml  φ 7.0cm x H 7.6cm
  • AZKB33601
  • Place of Origin : Japan

Due to the handcrafted quality of these products, individual differences in shade, gloss & size of glaze are to be expected.

In order to best protect the Iga Teacup ceramic from stain or odour, before first use, please follow the care instructions provided.

Due to the handcrafted production, there are individual differences in shade, gloss, size of glaze.

Before using it for the first time, please follow this care instruction in order to protect the ceramic from stain or odor.

  1. Place the vessel with the rice water (white cloudy water left after rinsing rice) in a pot.
  2. Boil it for about 10 minutes.
  3. Wipe off the slimy moisture with a soft cloth, and dry well.

*You can also use white flour water instead of rice water

For light-coloured glaze, please immerse in water or lukewarm water before use. Colouring can be prevented to some extent.

Handwash and dry well. Store it in a dry area.

Microwave safe.