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Porter is a Japanese cult brand. Those who know the brand know its quality and that it is a bag that you will use for your life. You can expect perfect quality, versatility with use, and functionality.

The philosophy of the founder Mr. Kichizo Yoshida:

-Heart and soul into every stitch
-Every bag begins with a thread
-Even if you make 100 bags, it is still for the sake of one customer.

In 1923, during The Great Kanto Earthquake when Kichizo Yoshida was 17, he managed to rescue many household goods out of his house, by tying both ends of a cord to the goods and holding the cord on his shoulders. He learnt from the experience that "a bag should first of all be a tool to carry goods". Even after he established Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo in Kandasuda-cho, Tokyo, he did not forget this philosophy and pursued the goal to create "a bag that fits to the owner as time passes and becomes a regular part of their lives".

In 1935 Kichizo established Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo in Kandasuda-cho, Tokyo.

In 1945, at the end of World War II, they managed to hide most of their tools in their factory, which luckily was not hit by the air rids. Since the factory survived the air-raid attacks, the craftsmen were able to go right back to work.

In 1951 Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo changed their name to Yoshida & Co., Ltd. and relocated to Higashi-Kanda, where the current head office is.

In 1954 Empress Michiko, before her engagement, was regularly seen with a Yoshida bag. This gave their brand a celebrity following. 

In 1960: Shigeru Yoshida, Kichizo's first son, goes to Italy to study bag making techniques.

In 1962: The first private brand “PORTER” was launched. The brand name was taken from "porters" who handle customers' bags at hotels, pertaining to their closeness and insight into bags. 

The level of independence the family-owned company has maintained over the years has allowed them to keep pushing boundaries in R&D to create their own materials. Maintaining high quality, and to hone their craftsmen skills. 

Special care is taken for each bag, and every stitch is made carefully and deliberately so as not to make an inferior product. Each bag is made by a single craftsman to ensure no detail goes unnoticed. 

Of the many lines that Porter carries, we have a selection of some of the "best sellers" at our store.

TANKER: PORTER Yoshida Tanker series inspired by the flight jacket MA-1 of the U.S. Air Force. An eternal standard model that has been loved since its first release in 1983 in Japan.

The original fabric is developed with an image of “MA-1”, which is the greatest feature of this series. It is constructed with 3 layers, nylon twill (top), polyester cotton (middle) and nylon taffeta (bottom). The bonded material is light and soft, and is accentuated with the bright orange color lining.

The detail of “MA-1” is also carefully adopted for all the parts. Both of black and sage green bodies are used to accompany the bright orange (or “rescue orange”) lining. The coating of metal parts (zippers, hooks and carabiner-type hooks) is designed to age beautifully as you continue to use. 

FLEX: This series has been named Flex, after its main packable feature, it is designed to be taken with you when you travel and to be used as an extra foldable bag in the bag. The inner pocket in the bag, it can be easily folded, to transform it in a smaller bag.

The material used is an original nylon ripstop fabric also called parachute cross, it has a tear-off prevention effect because the thick nylon thread was woven into a lattice shape, and so even if a hole is punctured, cracks would be hard to spread any further.

This Flex series comes also with many more bag types, including boston bags, tote bags, backpacks and also shoulder bags, with using the same original material and were given also the packable feature.

Force: Daypack is a casual series with a military touch and a motif of coincidental colour differences. During the dyeing process, there are some colour differences among the fabric lots. To avoid the color variety among the parts, it is normal to make one product from the same fabric lot. However, for military clothing and bags, some items are occasionally created with parts that have color differences. And this Force series is made on purpose to combine and express the coincidental color irregularity.

The industrial material is used for outer material, which is made of 210 denier 6 nylon high tenacity yarns. This material is usually used as a foundation material for the rubber boats, etc. Therefore, unlike regular materials for clothing and bags, this material is not produced to be dyed. But we have dyed it on purpose to create unique shiny texture and vertical lines for a chuff impression and to have a further military touch.

Models include Helmet Bags, Backpacks, Boston Bags, Waist Bags. All models in the series come with a removable pocket that can be detached and used as a pouch.

HEAT: Ballistic nylon is used main for the making of this model. This material is known especially for its excellent heat, friction, and also rip resistance, and it is often used for making airbags for vehicles and bulletproof vests for the military.

With a combination of water repellent tarpaulin material, the textures are rich and contrasted in this all black Heat series. And each of the Heat model would come also with a wide variety of accessories and pockets, perfect for business and casual use.

In the front of the bag, a nylon band, D-shaped metal parts and a double ring are attached. You can use them as a carabiner or simaply as a wallet chain, to attach and hold accessories such as wallets and pouches onto the bag. The craftsman has used also thick nylon tapes to improve usability and durability of this part.

A removable key ring with tanned leather parts, and a maglite flashlight with PORTER logo are also added to all Heat styles.

UNION: This rucksack series is light weight compared to our other cotton bags in the collection. It is made from an original polyester canvas fabric, with a special characteristic which are more difficult to discolour. 

The front pocket has adapted a design concept of work wear tool waist bag. It is a rare item in PORTER. The sewing of the handle part is finished carefully, and it is designed to withstand frequent and hard use.

A few styles are available in this Rucksack series. Color variations include Black, Navy, Grey, Black with Yellow accents.

We hope you enjoy our selection of Porter!