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Prince Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture), one of Japan's leading can opener manufacturers, has been producing [Z can openers] since its establishment in 1969. It has become a long-selling product that has been loved by its predecessor companies for over 60 years without changing the auspicious "gourd type" that was used at the time of its birth.

This Z can opener was rebranded by a village blacksmith. For rebranding, we expanded the Z can opener, which was previously available in two colours, to five colours (red, cherry blossom, yellow, blue, and white), and adopted a new retro package that makes you feel the history of Z can opener. ..

Active in the outdoors and in the event of a disaster Z can opener that is active in a wide range of scenes from home to the outdoors.

Although it is compact, it also has a bottle opener, so one can play two roles. It is said that the best-by date of a can opener type can opener is about 3 years, while the best-by date of a pull-top type canned food is about one and a half years.

For the examinee, the shape of the Z can opener at the wedding ceremony imitates the lucky gift "gourd", and it is also ideal as a gift! 

We love the retro packaging and the high quality of this cute little product.

Available in: Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Pink