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UNO HAKE Craft Brushes

Since their establishment in 1917, they have been manufacturing many different kinds of brushes utilising cultivated traditional techniques. These high quality brushes are all handcrafted brushes genuinely made in Tokyo. The process to make each brush is highly complicated and skilled craftsmen are needed to make each brush by hand. Since traditionally Japanese wore Kimonos, the care of modern clothing had to be learned and studied. Because of this an entire range of brushes was developed, choosing different types of hair for different fabrics. This also includes face and body brushes. 

Michiyo Uno has taken over as third generation of craftsmen. She introduced new products such as animal shaped brushes, incorporating innovative design concepts and ideas to follow modern trends and needs.

Bows & Arrows has collaborated with them to make our own brand of brushes. Each one with a very specific purpose.