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TSUKAMOTO Rice Cookers & Tableware

Tsukamoto products are made in the Mashiko area. This area is well known for it’s pottery since 1853 because the mud in the area is very heavy and yields very unique pottery.

The Tsukamoto pottery was founded in 1864 by Rihei Tsukamoto, and since then, it has been the biggest & the most influential ceramics producer in the region. While committing to produce the best hand-made ceramic wares, Tsukamoto paid close attention also to the raising and educating the young ceramic artists. 

The pottery is based in the region called Mashiko, ever since its establishment. The town lies 120 km north of Tokyo, in Tochigi Prefecture. It is commonly known as one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan. The soil found in the region has been the key secret for the fame of the Mashiko ceramic ware.

The Mashiko soil contains a high proportion of sand & iron, which have made it relatively week in plasticity & fire resistance. As a result, in order to well maintain the formation and the stability of the finished products, during the production process, the craftsman had to apply more layers to increase its thickness.

Together with the special glazing technique used by the local craftsman, the Mashiko ware has gained its unique characteristics, with rich colour & plump textures.