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SUWADA Producing the very best cutting tools since 1926

Since its establishment in the town of Sanjo, famous for the craft of blacksmithery, Suwada have been making “cutting tools” and are known today for our professional quality manicure and pedicure instruments, bonsai shears and kitchen tools. Suwada enjoys an excellent reputation both within Japan and abroad for producing the very best in blades and cutting tools.

All of Suwada’s products are completely handmade by skilled craftsmen always striving to achieve unparalleled sharpness. Renowned for the quality of the materials used, Suwada is proud to present their latest collection of professional standard cutting instruments. Our pursuit of functionality and aesthetic perfection has led to Suwada being awarded the Good Design Award on many occasions.

Nail Nippers

Their solid high-carbon stainless steel is usually encountered only in custom-made knives. Blades are finished at a more acute angle than is found in other nippers on the market, for a sharper and more precise cut. And the unique nail-fitting curve of the SUWADA nippers maximizes safety and ease of use, even for tough toenails and ingrown nails. Every nipper is fully hand finished with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen. The SUWADA nippers are the ultimate in manicure and pedicure instruments for professionals at nail salon and clinics, and for discerning consumers.

Cuticle Nippers:

This cuticle nipper is fully hand-crafted from beginning to finish by our expert craftspeople. It has ultra precision blades that are the signature of all of SUWADA's nippers. But also immediately apparent is its continuous free-form curve design. This design serves to keep its perfect blade edges from contacting any supprting surface, even if rested custting-side down, and also provide an unprecedented user-friendly shape. The handles fit into the parm snugly, as if they were a natural extension of the hand. The blade ends are designed to remain on a perfect tangent to the curve of the nail, thereby reducing tension in the user's arm.