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SUUU Hi Tech Sponges

The Suuu brand originated from a technology group that has been developing super absorbent material for more than 60 years. While making products that support high-tech industries where high quality technology is required, the engineers of Suuu have asked themselves this question:

Can this state-of-the-art technology be useful for everyone in their daily lives using water?

The result is the creation of wonderful and charming forms that had never existed before in sponges.

The name “Suuu”comes from the Japanese verb  “Suu”(吸う)- “to absorb”- the additional “u”indicates the enhanced absorbing powers of the sponges.

Suuu is a brand of everyday goods made of super absorbent material created in 2016 by Aion Corporation.

Polyvinyl alcohol and polyurethane, which have cultivated manufacturing technology since its basic patent establishment in 1951, are materials made of pores, also called functional precise porous body. Around 90% of the volume is made of pores.

Until now, the material has demonstrated its water-absorption qualities in state-of-the-art high-tech fields such as “precision-cleaning" of semiconductors.

As engineers, the creators hope that the almost magical water absorption power of the Suuu material will enrich people's everyday lives. For more enjoyment of usage, they have added a playful spirit in form of charming design and colours to the technological spirit of Suuu.

Before usage: 

Massage and rinse product thoroughly with water.

The slightly colored water comes from the material and is not unusual. As the product is hand-crafted, slight changes in colour or form can occur but this does not effect the product’s functional efficacy.


Product becomes solid when dried.

When using the product for the first time or after it dried up, make it soft and moist first by rinsing it with water.

Place product on liquid you want to remove and absorb by pushing the product. Use cleansing lotion if necessary.