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SLIM CERA Revive your Skin

Slim Cera was designed by Hirotoshi Hattori who has always had a great fondness for stones and minerals. As president of a jewellery company, he was often in contact with stones. Fascinated by their benefits he decided to study them. From this he was able to create this product.

Slim Cera is an anti ageing, lifting, and skin rejuvenating tool. You can perform a facelift my massaging with this technical tool.

The plate contains 99.999% pure Germanium, made by hand in Japan.

The roller head includes tourmaline, quartz, and approximately ten different minerals, which will stimulate your facial “beauty points” and facial muscles and leave your skin feeling smoother and more vibrant, after each usage.

It gently eliminates impurities while giving your skin a massage. This can be used on all parts of your body as well. 

At both ends, the rollers use magnetic ceramic The pressure exerted stimulates your face and facial muscles.