Established in 1922, Shotoku Glass was initially a manufacturer of glass for light bulbs. We have applied that knowledge to creating glassware that appears extremely thin and simplified beauty.

These remarkable thin drinking glasses called "Usuhari" are each carefully hand crafted by craftsmen. Every glass is only 9mm thin both on the sides and the bottom. They are born from the same techniques as making light bulbs. Like with wine, the thinner a Sake glass, the better taste and texture you can enjoy. The feel of it in your hands, the sound the ice makes when it swirls in the cup and how fine the rim is are all exquisite and unique to this glass alone. This series appears to be extremely delicate but it can be handled with the usual care as other glassware. So experience and enjoy this fine and exquisite glass for yourself.

Each glass is blown by an artisan, yet it's so thin only very experimented artisans can blow an Usuhari glass. The glass is then poured into a mould for shaping before the final stage.

You can use these beautiful glasses as you like, for drinking sake, beer or even wine.

Shotoku Glass Making Movie from SHOTOKU GLASS on Vimeo.