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ONISI RICE Freeze Dried Rice

This Freeze dried rice was developed by Onisi for use during times of natural disasters, times of war, etc. Currently this rice stored at all Japanese municipal city centres. In Japan we have many natural disasters that we are used to, but it is the Onisi company's policy to make food not just for nourishment but they think it should be delicious as well as comforting.

It is also practical for situations where you people may not have access to hot water. This rice can be made with either the hot water or cold. The difference is only the amount of time you wait for the rice to absorb the water. Obviously it is faster with hot water. Please give ample time for the rice to absorb the water before opening the package

They have an array of foods but we were interested in their line of rice types which include regular rice and “onigiri” rice ball. 

These can also be used for:

  • A camping trip or ski trip or mountain climbing
  • A quick snack at the office with many different flavors.
  • Regular rice to have at home when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Food in case of an emergency where you don’t think you should leave the house.
  • A gift for your adventurous friends.

Both types have various flavours and have an extremely long shelf life, making it especially suitable for emergency foods, military rations, mountain climbers, campers, etc.