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OISHI PAN High-Tec Bread Storage


Yummy Bread Storage

"Bread stays delicious" is this freshness-preserving bag for bread. Put in your fresh bread to reduce the loss of aroma and quality so you can make it last longer while keeping the taste. Bread can taste like it did when you bought it, lasting longer with Japanese technology. The plastic used is a mixture of technology and plastic that is used for PET bottles. It was developed by a very well renowned Japanese company in both the food and skin care industry. It has passed all the safety regulations for storing food.

These bread bags are also being used by restaurants and bread stores in Japan to keep their bread fresh longer!

Put the bread in the bag, write the date and clip the bag. Your bread bag prevents germs and mold from growing. Tests between regular bagged bread and these bags show that after 14 days, this bread was still fresh while the other was already molded over.

This can be used for all types breads. A storage bag that is useful at both normal temperature and freezing. There is no expiration date and the bags are reusable until they break, but make sure to wash them with water and dry thoroughly before re-use.

This bag shrinks slightly with use. If you freeze your bread in this bag, please do not put it in the microwave when “Un-thawing” bread.

We hope you enjoy this bread bag!