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OHTO Writing Instruments

OHTO Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan was founded in 1919. It is one of the long-established pen manufacturing companies in Japan. In its long history, the company has made a number of advanced inventions and left its mark in the writing instrument industry of Japan and the world as well. It was after the Pacific War that ballpoint pens began to be manufactured in Japan.

The ballpoint pen was first developed by Hungarian, Laszlo Biro in 1943 and it spread to the world, especially in the United States, after World War II. In 1949, OHTO launched a pencil-shaped wooden ballpoint pen and became the first ballpoint pen manufacturer in Japan.

The ink of ballpoint pen is high viscosity oil-based ink. Thus writing was not so smooth. In 1964 OHTO surprised the world by developing a water-based ink ball point pen. These days, it is called Roller Pen.

Now a days, so many manufacturers are making Roller pens which was first innovated by them. OHTO's water-based ink refill (C-300 Ceramic Roller Refill) is still the standard refill for Roller Pens in Japan. Many global manufacturers are using Ceramic Roller Refill in their high quality Roller Pens as well.

In 1999, OHTO developed a new concept "NEEDLE-POINT" in ballpoint.
It is a combination of oil-based Soft ink and Needle shaped tip. In this ballpoint pen, the Tip is changed from the conventional cone shape into a pipe like Needle shape. 

We invite you to try some of these exceptional pens.