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METROCS Wood Products

Established March 31st 1993, Metrocs is an interior design brand that introduces Japanese outstanding products designs, carrying authentic quality products that are timeless and will increase in value over the years. They do not believe in buying design because of the designer's name but because of finding the item itself appealing. That is the point where the learning process starts: first about the designer and thereafter possibly purchasing his/hers other items for a collection.

They are most interested in designers who have remained in history by managing to create something that lasts long even after they have passed away. 

METROCS established a brand line “n-crafts@metrocs” in order to introduce present day tradition that matches the criteria:

- Modern Design with Sophisticated Design,

- Skillfuly Handmade in Japan

- Can be produced in large numbers even if the products differ from each other due to being handcrafted.

- Made in traditional technique but introduced in new forms suitable for present times.

- Possible to use in ever day life, reasonably priced.

- Have not been distributed widely, outside the area the product was manufactured.

Sub-categories that we distribute in Europe include:

col. = color is a brand name made with the concept of “Getting Japanese handworks lighter and closer to us” of a Halta lacquer-ware shop founded in 1930. They make products with free and unorthodox ideas using the high techniques of Yamanaka lacquer ware. The rounded box sets and canisters are made of Castor Aralia wood. 

Kihachi Kobo: Founded in 1882, Kihachi Kobo is the oldest lacquer ware brand of the traditional Yamanaka Lacquer ware. Having top class Kijishi (word turners), Shitajishi (ground-surface engravers), and Makieshi (gold lacquer masters), the studio is particular about producing domestically to create various items from premium products to everyday items in diverse styles of bowls. Oak wood is used. Note that there are individual differences in the wood grain patterns as they are made of natural wood. Each product remains individual.  

We are also big fans of their small tape measure. It is tiny and elegant but holds 2 meters of tape.