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MATSUNOYA Tools for Every Day Life

Matsunoya was founded in 1945 and is now a rough goods wholesaler that deals with tools centred on natural materials. The word "rough" itself hasn't been heard much these days, but it's a simple daily necessities such as brooms, dustpans, and colanders that used to be everywhere until a while ago.

Rough goods are daily necessities produced by human hands in the same way as folk crafts, but they are not "folk crafts" as folk crafts call, but "popular handicrafts" rooted in the daily lives of more ordinary people. These are the daily tools that are born from. Many of the handicraft products that have been cultivated over many years while living a decent life as a person does a good job at an affordable price. We hope that encounters with living tools that are easy to use in everyday life and are just right for our daily lives.

If you are ever in Tokyo please visit their store as well.