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KEN KAWAI Purifying Charcoal

The traditionally handcrafted white charcoal made from Japanese holm oak from Kishu, Japan is known for its purifying and mineralising effects on water and air. The forests in Kishu, Japan have been maintained and harvested by craftsmen who have been gathering knowledge and perfecting their skills over generations. The slow growing Japanese holm oak, which possesses a finely pored structure and high density, is baked over several days – at first at low temperatures and then at high temperatures with restricted oxygen. To trap the carbon, the charcoal is ‚put out’ with white ash at the finish, which gives the white charcoal its name.

The vegan carbon konjac sponge, the vitalising peeling towel as well as the charcoal toothbrush are natural essentials for daily care and are based on one and the same material: Binchotan Charcoal. This is also used in its original form to purify your water. 

A scrub towel that brings the benefits of Binchotan to the entire body. Ultra-fine powdered charcoal is blended into the fibers of this luxurious scrub towel to help naturally refresh and revitalize skin. Charcoal naturally draws out impurities from the skin leaving behind a soft healthy glow. The Binchotan Charcoal Scrub towel features two textures: a softer portion for sensitive areas, and a coarser section for gentle exfoliation. Use daily in the bath or shower to wash, scrub and gently exfoliate your entire body. 

A modern update to a bathroom staple, this toothbrush features activated Binchotan charcoal that has been infused into every bristle. Charcoal’s absorptive power helps to naturally deodorize your mouth and remove plaque while keeping the bristles clean between uses. It’s a novel alternative to messy powdered charcoal toothpaste. This style features softer bristles for sensitive teeth. 

Binchotan charcoal is regarded as the purest and most effective type of activated charcoal, and is revered for its purifying ability. These sticks are 100% Ubame Oak, and are exactly as they are when removed from the ancient kilns in which they are made. The high temperatures and quick cooling, by dousing with ash, result in glass-like and beautiful branches. When simply added to a carafe of water, the thousands of microscopic cavities left in the wood effortlessly remove unwanted toxins and impurities, while softening and improving waters taste. 

Kishu Binchotan is the purest charcoal on Earth. Its unique ultra-porous structure acts as a powerful water filter, absorbing heavy metals, chlorine and impurities that cause unpleasant taste.