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KAWAI Chopsticks

Since founded in 1943, Kawai corporation has been focused on developing Japanese “chopstick culture” through designing, manufacturing, and distributing chopsticks in Japan. We are now also committed to manufacturing chopsticks for the overseas market. We will continuously make further efforts to promote Japanese food culture through our chopsticks.

Kawai Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the planning, manufacturing and sales of chopsticks since its establishment. We are disseminating the "culture of chopsticks" that is indispensable to Japanese life. While contributing to the survival and prosperity of the traditional crafts of the region called Wakasa Nuri (Wakasa Lacquer from Fukui prefecture), we continue to convey the appeal of chopsticks required in this era.

Our goal is to have the best planning and proposal capabilities in the industry. We always carry out manufacturing from the customer's point of view and thorough quality control.

We will continue to make further efforts to become a company where a set of chopsticks can decorate the table and contribute to a prosperous life. Our chopsticks achieve a fusion of the Japanese traditional culture and sleek, modern cutlery.

The simple designs of our products (“Tetoca”, “Tanagokoro”, “Traditional Japanese Colors”) are appealing to everyone. Enjoy the cutting-edge design of our chopsticks: the smooth texture of wood in “Tetoca”, the beautiful quality of wood and “washi” (traditional Japanese paper) in “Tanagokoro”, and beautiful colours and stylish design in “Traditional Japanese Colours”.

We currently carry the following series:
- Irosukashi - Traditional Japanese Colours Series
- Relief - Good Grip Series
- Tetoca - Wood Series