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KAMI NO SHIGOTO Oboeru collection


Writing and drawing is the legacy of thought and Oboeru is a Japanese word for memories. The collection features Mino Washi papers, greetings cards and screen-printed notebooks, combined with traditional binding techniques and gold leafing.

Designers always carry notebooks, and Japan is filled with inspiring observations, insights and memories that quickly fill them with amusing words and etiquette. The Japanese language itself is beautiful, even if you don’t understand the meaning, with its birdsong-like sounds often compared to Italian.

About the Maker: 
Since its formation Kaminoshigoto has engaged in the production and sales of traditional Japanese lantern Washi. They also enjoy a large share as a distributor of Washi related products and a variety of Mino Washi. They have also expanded their business into Washi printing using new painting technologies such as silkscreen and inkjet printing. Whilst continuing with traditional craftsmanship, they are also developing their own products and new technologies. 

By taking advantage of their accumulated knowledge, Kaminoshigoto is always seeking new possibilities and is committed to enriching lives with high quality products made from Mino Washi.

Hand-Made Mino Washi Artisan,Kurata Makoto
Light Filtering, Beautiful Traditional Mino Paper
How do we pass the splendor of Mino’s paper on to the next generation? How do we link our skills and techniques as professional papermakers to appeal to the future?
If we sell our work cheaply, then the next generation will face difficulties, so we are thinking about how to change people’s perceptions now. As I work, gently rocking the pulp trays, picking out the impurities and watching the light pass through the washi, I think about ways of making this durable and beautiful washi paper suitable for everyday life.

Hand-Made Mino Washi Studio,“Corsoyard”
Creating A Need For Hand-Made Washi:
In order to make handmade Japanese paper more accessible, and at the suggestion of Kami-no-Shigoto, our workshop has developed an appealing range of long lasting, quality Origami Jewelry women’s accessories.
Originally, handmade Japanese paper was a daily necessity, and in the old days, all writing and even architectural materials such as shoji sliding doors and wallpapers consisted of handmade paper.
However, cheaper modern-day materials have replaced quality hand-made Japanese Washi paper, and so new ways of using the paper are being developed.

Hand-Made Mino Washi Manufacturer, Atelier Hoki
The texture and beauty of the traditional paper is evident.
How can we incorporate traditional hand-made Japanese paper into our modern lives?
Under the themes of “Washi Material Production” and “Proposed Activities”, we are striving to explore new avenues of washi use.
In an effort to convey the original texture and beauty of Japanese paper, we are looking to create original papers, one sheet at a time, with watermarks including kanji characters, letters, arabesque or snowflake patterns to create new ways to enjoy paper.