Mon panier


GLA GLA glass by artist Daisaku Takatomi


We met Daisaku Takatomi at his exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. We loved his glass sculptures and ordered some of his usable work including glass and incense holders and vases. We will soon receive pieces including vases, incense stand. All of his glasses are blown by him and each piece is unique. 

He lives in Japan’s Northern Island, Hokkaido where he makes his sculptures, glasses and objects. He also has a workshop where he invites people to come and take a glass blowing class!


Born in 1973.

2000 Completed Graduate School of Tokyo Glass Crafts Research Institute

2002 glass cafe gla_gla opened in Tsukiura, Toyako-cho

2007 "SNOW SCAPE MOERE" Isamu Noguchi Design Moerenuma Park Outdoor Installation

2009 Designed by Kuma Architects as a partition for Bamboo / Fiber

2012 Used in the movie "Shiawase no Pan"

2012 Sapporo Beer Provided works as Sapporo Classic campaign glass 

2013 “Overflowing.” Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art installation

2015 "Natsushizuku." National Takino Suzuran Hillside Park Outdoor Installation

2016 "Hikari no Kami Isamu NOGUCHI + Daisuke TAKATOMI" Moerenuma Park Installation

2017 France / USA / Japan Petit World Tour

2018 “Spin together.” Sapporo Temporary Space

2018 Kuma Architecture Office Design WE HOTEL TOYA All guest rooms pendant lights installed