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ENOURA NORI Seaweed and Seaweed toppings

The Morita brothers have helped their grandfather's seaweed farming family since childhood. His younger brother Shuji Morita became an adult and became a seaweed fisherman himself. But at some point he began to hear what he was curious about. "Recent seaweed has lost its taste," he said. Suddenly unbelievably, he tried a commercial nori seaweed. It was different from the seaweed that the fishermen usually eat. I felt that the flavor of the seaweed was not utilized and the quality had deteriorated. The Ariake Sea is the best sea for making seaweed in Japan. We want to deliver the original taste of seaweed that we are eating! Shuji decided. Let's deliver the scent and umami of the Ariake Sea shore to the table as it is. That's how we launched "Enoura Nori Honpo". It was his proud and passionate determination raised in the Ariake Sea.

The Ariake Sea, which straddles the four prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto, boasts one of the largest inflow rivers, including the Chikugo River, the largest river in Kyushu. The water that springs from many mountains, such as Mt. Aso, the Mino Mountains, and the Kuju Mountain Range in Oita, is pouring in while fully storing the blessings of the forest. At low tide, tidal flats that stretch for many kilometers appear and are home to unique creatures. The mud of tidal flats is so nutritious that it can be used as fertilizer for fields, and the Ariake Sea is said to be a treasure trove of nature, the "miracle sea." The maximum tidal range of the sea is 6m. At high tide, seaweed produces nutrients in cold seawater. Then, at low tide, they appear on the surface of the sea and are exposed to the full sunlight to trap nutrition and deliciousness. The seaweed from "Enoura Nori Honpo" is the taste of the Ariake Sea, which retains the maximum umami and nutrition. Please enjoy the sweetness of nature and the scent of the tide grown in the forest, the sun and the sea.

We invite you to try our selection of Nori (flat dried seaweed) & Furikake (Rice topping with cut dried seaweed with natural flavourings and seeds)

We have 2 types of Seaweed:
Salted Nori 
- Grilled Nori 

3 types of Furikake. 
- Ume Plum Rice Topping
- Spicy Cod Roe Rice Topping
- Snapper Seaweed Rice Topping