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EAU DE KI Water of Life

Eau de Ki, icon of the house for more than 90 years, draws its origins in the family company Sankodo. Founded in 1926, the Japanese house had designed a mysterious and original water called "Medicinal Opal Water". This water met with immense success when it was offered to the general public. Perceived as Miraculous Water, “Medicinal Opal Water” was constantly revisited and improved by the following generations who religiously pass on its know-how and its secrets.

Very attentive to the quality of the products, the new generation of Sankodo has developed an innovative fermentation technique which increases the effectiveness of the elixir; Eau de Ki was born. Today, the elixir has been raised to the rank of a mythical product in Japan.

Eau de Ki brings together in precious water two fundamental and necessary elements for life in Japan: vital energy and water.

For almost a century, the elixir has been prepared with a unique making process: 8 Asian medicinal plants and 4 Western aromatic plants (jujube, ginseng, umbrella polypore, reishi, lily of the valley roots, cnidium rhizome, Chinese peony, tangerine zest) and 4 western aromatic plants (rose water, rosemary, white birch and lime blossom) are infused during six months in large earthen jars according to a traditional Japanese method. 

Thus, like quality spirits, Eau de Ki has no expiration date, the quality of the lotion increases over time.


Thanks to this nectar, Ki Water allows the skin to repair itself naturally, thanks to its own strength, and restore youth and radiance.