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COKON LAB Silk Cosmetics

“Soothing your skin and benefitting your lifestyle with silk”

Yamaga City in Kumamoto Prefecture was once a town that thrived on silkworm cultivation. It was 2014 when the challenge to create a brighter future for silk began in this city. Silk, which has been a part of our lives since ancient times, is now being researched all over the world as a material that can make people feel better.

The silk that silkworms spin is 100% protein and it has a superior moisture-retaining function. Cokon Lab contains Yamaga Silk which is spun by silkworms carefully reared in a clean room eating artificial feed made from organic mulberry leaves cultivated independently in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It contains more protein that other silk - this is a factor in moisture retention - and it exhibits good moisture-retaining effects.

The mulberry leaves that are used for feed are grown organically in “the orchard in the sky” created on reclaimed agricultural land that had been abandoned in the mountains at a height of 600m above sea level. 

We want to revive as much abandoned and unused agricultural land in Yamaga City as possible. Furthermore, the silkworm breeding business, which is usually extremely badly affected by agricultural chemicals, is almost never affected by pesticides as our orchard is located far from the flatlands and it is possible to grow organic mulberry leaves that are good for the silkworms.

With a good balance of natural fat derivatives and natural plant oils, we have aimed to create products that can be used with peace of mind by anyone.
All products contain at least 90% naturally-derived ingredients and our face and hand soap is 100% natural.
Both your skin and your life will benefit from the gentle natural ingredients.

One of the priority missions of this project is local employment reactivation.
70% of employees who work at the “the orchard in the sky” and the year-round organic silkworm breeding plant are from Yamaga City in Kumamoto Prefecture and Cokon Lab creates local employment and contributes to the increase of stable employment opportunities.

The silk used in our products comes from cocoons cultivated in the sterile environment in our brand new plant.
Furthermore, we grow the mulberry leaves that are used to cultivate the silkworms that spin Yamaga Silk organically in Yamaga City and we can guarantee the safety and quality of products. In addition, product development and supply are performed by manufacturers within Yamaga City and by doing this, we are working to ensure traceability through creating products that are “All Made in Yamaga”.

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