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BUUBE The right apparel for your children


The founder of the brand, Naoyuki was born in Tokyo in 1977. After graduating from Fashion Institute Technology New York.

While continued to do packaging and graphic design for the client such as Isetan, Converse, Nike and various fashion stores as a freelance designer since graduating from university.

“I was at a turning point 7 years ago. Almost my works were not independent but depending on the partner of brand. It was that that I decided start over and study design again.”” — NAOYUKI

While being a huge fan of Japanese craftsmanship Naoyuki started noticing that many prominent factories have moved to China. The quality of, “Made in China” products are improving every year, however Naoyuki started to think about what Japanese identity is.

He collected any historical graphic design and typography books all over the world. With her collection he started up the online library and book store for graphic designer and students. Most visitors of her website are based in Europe. Among other activities, she regularly teaches graphic design in Tokyo.

After becoming a parent 3 years ago, Naoyuki studied and learned about childcare including baby and kids fashion, child education. The impression was that children need to be surrounded by and have an education in art and design, along with the older students.

Naoyuki came up with product idea with Japanese standard baby products, adding modern design concept for baby and kids item. Each product contains a wish for a good design education.

This is how bib brand began. After the successful, other products were added including baby and children’s apparel.

The name of a brand is “buube", this doesn’t mean anything and can be pronounced in different ways, because all of new-born babies can’t speak a specific language. It’s just the word which you could imagine coming from a baby in any country.