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AZMAYA Tableware and Lifestyle


Azmaya is a Nigata based collective of Japanese designers who collaborate with Japanese artisans to create contemporary products for daily life using traditional techniques and materials. All of the objects are made in Japan. Items vary from glassware, ceramics, porcelain, iron-ware, copper-ware, brass-ware, wooden trays, and lacquer-ware.

Azmaya has a contemporary and international sense of design for tableware, whilst still being usable for a variety of Japanese dishes. It is this juxtaposition that caught our attention. A well thought out design to create a lovely meal placement for any occasion whether it be for Japanese food or with various western and international dishes. The designs and shapes make an enjoyable and festive way to design your place around your table. 

There are also kitchen accessories, lifestyle accessories and bath accessories, each meticulously designed and hand sculpted for its particular function. They state their concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise their technology and material.”

For many items Hasami porcelain, from Nagasaki prefecture, is used for many products. Hasami porcelain has a 400 year history and is famous for its beautiful white porcelain and detailed paint with Gosu (deep blue glaze). Also, elegant openwork and meshwork make Hasami porcelain special. The craftsman use Amakusa porcelain clay for crafts. Amakusa porcelain clay will change into hard and white porcelain when it is put in the kilm.

Skilled craftsmen in Hasami paint traditional pattern on each dish. One of the most popular series is the “Inban” collection of white and blue. The craftsmen of Hasami porcelain in Nagasaki hand-make each product.