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Hinoki Soap Tray

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Hinoki Soap Tray


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  • Anti-bacterial Hinoki wooden soap tray  
  • Holds up to 3 round soaps with different scents
  • Designers collaborate with craftsmen to create an exceptional product

Japanese Hinoki soap tray by Azmaya, made from Hinoki Cedar wood in the north of Japan, has anti-bacterial and anti insect and mould qualities. Hinoki wood is used for baths, hot springs, kitchen ware and anything involving water. The density of the wood is strong so it doesn't expand or shrink as other woods do. 

The wood also has a wonderful natural smell.

Composition: Hinoki (Cypress) wood
Dimension: 30 x 11 x H4 cm
Country origin: Japan

Care instructions: Wash with warm water and keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight