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Traditional Brewing Soy Sauce & Ume Plum Ponzu

Publié le janvier 03 2022

In the last decades, soy sauce making technology has become predominantly for mass production. Optimal temperature brewing, where the temperature to the mix is raised plus technology that adds pre-cultured yeast, has shortened the conventional brewing period to half a year and to reduced the price of soy sauce. This is mainly due to the demand of soy sauce overseas.

However, we choose soy sauce that continues to protect the traditional method of brewing, in which the microorganisms that settled in the brewery brew soy sauce in the temperature changes of the four seasons.

Yeast from "ancestors" who settle in the tank on the wall of the brewery gives the soy sauce a rich flavour. Literally, the power of post-ripening yeast that works after ageing does not appear without time. Melanoidin, which is a functional substance of soy sauce with high ability to capture active oxygen, increases its amount as the colour deepens due to long-term ageing.

Japanese food is said to increase the longevity of Japanese people, this is due in part to the fact that we eat a fair amount of fermented food. Tests are beginning to show that this is a factor in the relatively low rates of corona cases and the high rate of recovery. Everything from soy sauce, to pickles, to other fermented foods all contribute to this “natural immunity” from viruses.

We call the manufacturing method of making soy sauce in the temperature changes of the four seasons "natural brewing" according to the conventional practice without adding temperature to the mash.

The taste of “naturally brewed” soy sauce is very different from mass produced soy sauce. Additionally, we select sauces that uses natural ingredients with no additives or GMO’s. All the soy sauce and soy ingredients we carry at Bows & Arrows are made with Traditional “Natural Brewing”. Please visit Bows & Arrows to see our selection or Click Here for our online store : Japan Best

What is Ponzu:

Ponzu is a light soy based sauced that is usually made with yuzu citrus. It is a staple in our fridge and used for multiple dishes. Ponzu pairs well with shabu shabu, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, gyoza or dumplings, tempura, steamed vegetables, etc. It also makes a delicious base for salad dressing. Although soy sauce is generally used for dishes, ponzu gives the food added lightness because of the citrus and is less salty than soy sauce.

We have just introduced “Ume (plum) Ponzu” to our collection of sauces. Ume and fermented Ume is used often in Japanese cuisine because its sour taste compliments Japanese food. You can use this the same way you use “Yuzu Ponzu” for a different "Plum" taste. 

Please visit Bows & Arrows to see our selection or Click Here to find Ume Ponzu on our online store : Japan Best