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Tokyo Bike & Crane Bells

Publié le septembre 13 2021

One of our favourite bicycles in Tokyo is “Tokyo Bike”. They ride very nicely, are stylish in their simplicity. There are several places where you can rent a Tokyo Bike while in Tokyo:

Several hotels also offer Tokyo Bike rental, and this is highly recommended as seeing Tokyo by bicycle is one of the best ways to see the city. You will be able to cross Tokyo to some of your favorite spots, discover new areas during your ride, and most importantly, avoid traffic jams!

Japanese are very careful drivers because the traffic laws are extremely strict and since the crime rate is so low, the police’s job is primarily to make sure that drivers are following the traffic rules. In that sense it makes cycling very easy and convenient. Please also respect the rules and stop at red lights and only park in designated parking areas.

Everything started when Tokyobike came up with the name.

If it is a "mountain bike" that runs in the mountains, it is a "Tokyo bike" that runs in Tokyo.

They envisioned the happy smiles of the people riding the Tokyobike. It's not just about running and moving fast, it's a tool that makes small changes to everyday life.

They wanted to make something like that.

For example, a soft towel, a comfortable pen, or an easy-to-use tool. Isn't it the casual concern of these creators that makes us feel lighter in our daily lives?

Tokyo Bike thought about what we should do to drive comfortably in Tokyo, where there are many traffic lights and slopes. Rather than speeding up, the lightness of the moment you step on it and the feeling of being able to climb uphill quickly.

In other words, the design and theme is "TOKYO SLOW" so that you can feel the scenery and the smell of the air without being aware of the bicycle. From there, they designed the frame and examined the parts used one by one. The result is a Tokyo bike.

The inspiration and ethos for tokyobike begun with the name. In the same way that a mountain bike is suitable for riding across mountains, tokyobike is for pedaling around Tokyo. 

We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride. That is why they emphasize comfort over speed, and a feeling of lightness at the first turn of the pedal. All their frames and parts are based on this concept of  ”TOKYO SLOW”  – that is what tokyobike is all about.

The frames are light and come in various colors with a few different styles, including children’s bicycles. You can create a bike to suit your style by choosing the accessories from the seat to the handles, etc.

In recent years you can purchase Tokyo Bikes in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Milano, Melbourne, Bangkok, and Taipei.

Crane Bell:

Crane bell is a very popular bell collection in Japan. Crane is recognised for creating some of the most beautiful and best sounding bicycle bells on the planet. All bells are hand made to the highest quality standards.

With timeless designs and “Built to Last” manufacturing, Crane is proud to present to the world an exceptional line of high quality brass and aluminium bicycle bells.

Once you ring a Crane bell, you`ll quickly realize why bikers all over the world agree that when looking for a bell for their bike, Crane is among the first on their list.

Available colours : silver, gold, black, copper

Place of Origin: Osaka, Japan

Please visit Bows & Arrows to see these bells or visit our website Here to purchase them online.