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Tsutsumu: The art of wrapping

Publié le novembre 15 2021

Xmas season is nearing so we are thinking about packaging.

The designer, Oka Hideyuki, left a wonderful footprint in the world of “design” together with the word “Tsutsumu (meaning “to wrap”) as he continued to study traditional Japanese packaging and collect various related items in the dawn of “design” in Japan.

For the Japanese, wrapping is not a mere act of decoration that adds to the formal beauty or functionality. Japan’s culture of wrapping has evolved over millennia since the Jomon period, guided by three intertwining factors: practicality, artistry, and faith.

From origata gifts wrapped in white paper, we feel the purity of something that has never been used by anyone; seeing the tamago-tsuto (egg-bundle) with its minimal and efficient design, we appreciate the functionality of nature and the human sensibility that discerned it; one sheet of wrapping furoshiki can bring to mind the fluidity of water. For the Japanese, the art of wrapping is a condensation of respect for nature and wisdom, dialogue with the gods, and a language by which to communicate intangible feelings and forge deeper connections with the other person.

Wrapping comes in so many forms: wood, bamboo, paper, fabric, etc

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