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Nakajima Pencil Sharpeners, Face Masks, Cat Shaped Bread Cafe

Publié le juillet 08 2020

Nakajima Pencil Sharpeners
We have stalked Nakajima san after some of the companies we work with recommended his brand and use them. He is a household name in the offices of designers and offices and people who love design. We finally met him at a tradeshow and tested his products. It is the best pencil sharpeners on the market. We started buying pencils just to use his sharpeners.
 Nakajima Jukyudo was founded in 1933 , Osaka , Japan. They have a philosophy of quality that it is light as peeling an apple, and it is as sharp as Samurai sword. They are very trusted and supported by consumers and main stationary companies in Japan because of their high quality and technical skill. The edge of the pencil sharpener of our company has impress of “JAPAN” and “NJK”. It is a proof of reliance. Skilled workmen have consistently manufactured edged tool and sharpener body at factory in Osaka. Junya Nakajima is the third generation Nakajima to take the company's helm.
Please come to our store to try these extraordinary sharpeners.

Washable Anti-Virus Mask

Being well protected by the Japanese technology! We are all being very careful to keep ourselves and others safe during this time. Wearing masks come more naturally to Asians but not for such an extended period of time. Because of this we have found a safe, washable mask for our store.

This series of masks has 3 layers structure, while the outside and the inner face layer are made from botanicaldyed organic cotton, and the center layer is made from the anti-virus effect facbric.

The anti-virus layer is developed by Sikibo, which is supplying masks, medical uniforms, and other medical related accessories to hospitals in Japan, since more than 10 years.

For more natural color options, please visit our website:

< Natural Washable Anti-virus Masks, Color Cherry Blossom >

Composition: organic cotton
Colors: naturally dyed with cherry blossom
Virus filtration level: 99 %
Product feature: washable up to 50 times
Made in Japan

Size: 18 x 15 cm

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Neko Neko pan for Cat Lovers



Newly opened in one of our favorite streets in Omotesando, the Cutest bread in cat shapes.!
4-chōme-8-2 Jingūmae, Shibuya -ku, Tōkyō, Japan