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Marujyu Kanaami Grills, Rice by Mitsuyoshi Shinousan, Nakagawa Seimen Noodles

Publié le juillet 08 2020

Marujyu Kanaami Grills

Marujyu Kanaami Co., Ltd. was founded in Higashi-Osaka, Japan in 1947.  These type of grills have been used in Japanese cooking to grill fish, meat, vegetables, etc. We cook over hot coals outside but they can also be cooked on a gas stove.

It is a beautiful grill and makes eating enjoyable.

- For care, please wash with a sponge.
- Do not soak in water or you will damage the ceramic.
- Do not put it in the dishwasher.
- The ceramic eventually will get burned but with care, you can keep it for many years.

Rice by Mitsuyoshi Shinousan:


We were attracted to the pet bottle packaging when we saw this brand at a trade show.

This rice, also called "Yume Shizuku" was cultivated and polished in the Saga prefecture in Japan. This organic rice was grown without using any pesticide nor other chemical products, in order to ensure that it would be natural from soil and 100% organic.

This brown rice comes with a natural and unique sweetness and firmness.

The PET bottle was chosen for the packing for these rices, and so that the rice would not be easily oxidized, and it would be also easy to store. We would recommend storing this product in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator after opening !

MITSUYOSHI Polised Organic Rice in PET Bottle 2kg

 Nakagawa Seimen. Founded in 1891

Seventy Years of continuous commitment to noodles. Nakagawa seimen is our new favorite noodle brand with many types of noodles, both hot and cold. The brand is from Hiroshima and currently the 3rd generation Nakagawa-san. A special technique was developed by them to make half dried noodles unlike deep fried noodles that are used by other companies. Because of this, the noodles have a delicious texture. The shelf life is only about 6 months.

They have Ramen noodles that can be eaten hot and other noodles to be eaten cold. Our favorite is the Setouchi lemon noodles. This Is a relatively new trend in Japan and we the lemons are sourced from around Hiroshima.

Each pack comes with 2 servings.

Our first selection spring/summer for the store will be Yuzu Udon and Setouchi Lemon Salt Ramen. Please try them!