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Gla Gla Glass, ENOURA HONPO, National Ocean day in Japan

Publié le juillet 24 2020

Gla Gla Glass, ENOURA HONPO, National Ocean day in japan

Gla Gla Glass

We met Daisaku Takatomi last year at his exhibition in Japan. We loved his glass sculptures. We will soon receive pieces including vases, incense stand. All of his glasses are blown by him and each piece is unique.

  • Born in 1973.

  • 2000 Completed Graduate School of Tokyo Glass Crafts Research Institute

  • 2002 glass cafe gla_gla opened in Tsukiura, Toyako-cho

  • 2007 "SNOW SCAPE MOERE" Isamu Noguchi Design Moerenuma Park Outdoor Installation

  • 2009 Designed by Kuma Architects as a partition for Bamboo / Fiber

  • 2012 Used in the movie "Shiawase no Pan"

  • 2012 Sapporo Beer Provided works as Sapporo Classic campaign glass

  • 2013 “Overflowing.” Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art installation

  • 2015 "Natsushizuku." National Takino Suzuran Hillside Park Outdoor Installation

  • 2016 "Hikari no Kami Isamu NOGUCHI + Daisuke TAKATOMI" Moerenuma Park Installation

  • 2017 France/USA/Japan Petit World Tour

  • 2018 “Spin together.” Sapporo Temporary Space

  • 2018 Kuma Architecture Office Design WE HOTEL TOYA All guest rooms pendant lights installed


The norinorishiri-zu is produced by nori (seaweed) farmers by focusing on “ichiban-tsumi (first pick of nori),” which is rich in umami. Nori can be harvested after approximately a month from planting, and the first crop known as “ichiban-tsumi” is renowned for its soft texture as well as its abundant umami and nutrients. Freshly-harvested nori is then processed carefully to achieve an exceptional taste, which is remarkably different from other nori. The ever-popular “yakinori (baked nori)” is roasted until it is crisp and savory, and melts in the mouth. “Shionori (salted nori)” is made with yakishio (roasted salt) from Ishigaki Island and first-press oil taken from rapeseed. “Ajinori (seasoned nori)” has been lightly seasoned to maintain the original aroma of the seaweed and is slightly sweet. The unique “takinori (simmered nori)” is processed to a paste by mixing with other ingredients such as katsuo (tuna), sesame and red pepper. In addition to serving with rice or as a snack to accompany drinks, our products also go perfectly with Western dishes such as pasta and pizza. Also, the lovely package featuring nori, which is simply designed in black and white, makes it an ideal gift. This is a set of processed nori that lets you feel the natural blessings of the Ariake Sea with ease.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 17.19.56.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 17.21.21.png

July 23rd 海の日, Umi no Hi , "Ocean Day"


Umi no Hi is a national holiday to celebrate the ocean. On this day, families visit the sea and swim, snorkel, surf, or dive. People may also participate in an event called ‘mud-ball throwing’. Mud-balls are composed of ‘Effective Micro-organisms" (EMs), which help break-down and eliminate sea grime. National aquariums also host special water-related events on this day.


In Tokyo thousands of people go to Odaiba beach and make beautiful patterns with lanterns.