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Culture Day in Japan & Storied Magazine

Publié le novembre 09 2021

Culture Day, otherwise known as Bunka no hi, and is a day to honour traditional Japanese culture and promote the love of freedom and peace that was enshrined in the Japanese constitution.

November 3rd is a notable date in Japan as it also marks the date of birth of Emperor Meiji, who ruled Japan from 1867 until his death in 1912. From 1927 until 1947, November 3rd was a national holiday called "Meiji Setsu," in honour of the late Emperor.

As part of the celebration of Culture Day, the Order of Culture Awards Ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The awards are given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Japanese culture or to society as a whole. Past recipients include the three American astronauts who were aboard Apollo 11, Japanese artist Ikuo Hirayama, and poet Makoto Ooka. Many more have followed since.

To celebrate, throughout the country there are festivals and parades celebrating traditional Japanese customs. It's a great day to delve into the rich history and culture of Japan as most museums in Tokyo and across the rest of the country are open for free to the public on Culture Day.



STORIED is inspired by the people, places, crafts, and traditions of Japan - sharing stories unearthed across an archipelago of alluring culture.  STORIED is made for people seeking a connection to unknown characters and hideaways that are longing to be visited.  As an independent magazine-cum-journal and online platform, STORIED celebrates the notion of slow and sustainable journalism, touching personal narratives, and considered recommendations for the conscientious explorer. So, whether your interest is travel, design, or cultural heritage, let the pages of STORIED take you on a journey into the true heart of Japan.

Volume Two takes us on a journey across the length and breadth of Japan, exploring the varied islands of the country, investigating the rise in distinct customs that are held together by a shared Japanese way of life. We venture over waves whipped up by a salty breeze and through forests thick with fresh foliage to ensure that Volume Two, The Islands Issue, is a true collection of places unknown and tales untold.

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