SANKODO Eau de Ki Lotion

SANKODO Eau de Ki Lotion


How to use

  • After removing the make-up and cleaning your face

  • Before putting any cream/oil/serum

  • Use a soft cotton pad largely infused with Eau de Ki and gently wipe your face in circular movements

  • Don't wash your face as its benefits can be added with your day cream or night serum

  • Use day and night for better use

After first usage, if you see any irritation, please swipe a cotton pad of water only, before applying Eau de Ki.

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More than 100 years ago, Umeji Sasaki, the founder of Sankodo, was searching for a beauty lotion to cure his whole family from a skin disease.

After years of searches, he succeed and lunched his lotion in 1926 and gained a national reputation. His grandson keep the production of this beauty secret alive by changing its name to Eau de Ki.

Eau de Ki is the result of 8 natural ingredients fermented from traditional japanese medicine with 4 occidental aromatic plants. From 6 months to a year, these plants infuse in big sandstone jars called 'Nanban-game' which give an hypnotic fragrance as well.