MAKANAI Silk Cocoons Cleansing

MAKANAI Silk Cocoons Cleansing


Silk Cocoons are used in Japan as a empress beauty secret since centuries and is a fundamental of Japanese's "Layering" beauty routine which advocate the return of one product for one benefit. 

Fibroin, a protein in the silk, has a good scrub qualities. Even though it's soft for the face, it has a fine rough surface enough to cleanse deeply your skin and absorb impurities and clean out dead skin.

Then, the sericin, an another silk protein has a moisturizing properties and has 20 amino acids, natural antioxidants. The pores are then cleansed and skin texture gets better with time. These two proteins are generally used in cosmetic on a very slightly quantity. By applying it in its purest form directly on your skin, you benefit of a luxurious face care thanks to nature !

How to use:

  • Hydrate one silk cocoon with warm water (around 40°) for few minutes

  • Put one cocoon on your finger, as a thimble.

  • After removing your make-up and cleansed your face, wipe the silk cocoon with circular movements

  • You can use one silk cocoon for about two times if you dry it without a direct sun contact

  • A pack contains 10 silk cocoons

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Beauty secrets Since 1899

Inspired by the natural resources of Kanazawa, northeast of Japan, as well as the wisdom of women from the area, Makanai brings to you the best of Japanese natural beauty care.

Makanai products are cruely-free, safe from harmful chemicals and are filled with the natural goodness of essential oils, food-based ingredients and Japanese-harvested, naturally-derived materials.

Carefully selected, high quality natural ingredients such as Konnyaku, Washi paper, rice bran, silk, soy beans, black sugar and gold leaves are combined together using tried-and-true beauty recipes passed down by women over many generations.

These treatments are now professionally-developed, clinically-tested and made relevant in our modern world to provide skin with the ultimate natural pampering.

The brand Makanai was founed in 1999, by Mayumi Tachikawa, who was born in a family that ran a gold leaf foundry since 1899 in Kanazawa. In Japan, when restaurant workers make food for themselves, it is called "makanai: in Japanese.

The women at the gold leaf foundry made cosmetics using the food supplied such as soy beans and green tea as well as washi paper used for pounding gold leaves. Mayumi decided on the brand name Makanai Cosmetics to keep alive the memory of her traditional family business.