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Suvé - Short Body Brush (Scrub)

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Additional Info

This is the short version of the body brush conveniently scaled to fit your palm. Rich soft quality excellent for washing areas that need a firmer hand such as neck and décolleté.
Two types are available: White (Goat hair) for delicate cleaning and sensitive skin and Brown (Badger hair) for scrubbing.

  • Place of origin: Hiroshima, Japan
  • Material: Badger hair, Walnut wood handle
  • Dimensions: W53xD48xH60 
  • Weight: 70g

How to use

  1. Soak with warm water directly on the brush tip.
  2. Use appropriate quantity of soap or body-wash.
  3. Apply the lathered brush on your skin and wash and massage gently. 

Care Instructions:

Clean brush by rinsing with water. Please store cleaned brush in well ventilated area. 
*Durability : about 1 year
*You can also use dry brush, not wet, for Body Massage.