Colors Japonica: Exquisite fragrances through Nature

Colors Japonica x Bows & Arrows

Insipired by traditional Japanese colors that portray a wide spectrum of color palette found in nature and its plants, Colors Japonica reinterpreted these color associations into distinctive scent compositions that will revive each memory of these unique colors.

The finest fragrant raw materials were selected by both their 'unique scent profiles' and 'therapeutic qualities of each plant' to compose the scents and carefully gathered from a different part of the world.
These are the essences and absolutes that are distilled and extracted from flowers, woods, citruses and spices. They are then composed and hand-blended in their purest form in the Colors Japonica atelier.

Let the natural diffusion create an uplifting atmosphere at home, working space, or any travel destination. The essences are naturally diffused through the wooded surface and its easy & effective feature make it perfect for a smaller space to relish the presence of delightful scent in everyday life

Colors Japonica is a brand by AOIRO AIRDESIGN, an atelier of olfactory design in Berlin & Tokto, founded by the Japanese - Austrian duo Shizuko Yoshikuni & Manuel Kuschnig.

Colors Japonica x Bows & Arrows