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IRÉN SKIN "Skin Vaporizer" Nano Face Spray

€224,00 EUR

Better Aborption through Nano Mist Technology

The world’s first beauty device to nebulize skin care of high viscosity. The nano mist technology shrinks active ingredients into nano-sized nutrients that can be delivered into the deeper epidermis through an ultra-high yet gentle pressure of 85 kPa. It can transform serums, loCons, sunscreens and even make up foundation into a fine mist that allows an even application with better absorption, without any risk of bacterial contamination.

1 Product with 3 uses:
1) Use it to apply skincare,
2) Use it with make-up,
3) Use it as a mist to freshen up

Learn more about IRÉN Skin (Brand Booklet in PDF)
Overview of Skin Vaporizer (Brand Booklet in PDF)