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Natural Anti-virus Mask Teenager S

€25,00 EUR

Mallow Black
Blue Berry
Cherry Blossoms

These are anti-virus masks for teenagers: made in Japan, long-lasting, washable 50 times, and exist in several sizes for children and adults

The company producing those anti-virus masks is a leading medical items producer in Japan. Big enough to be on the Japanese stock-market with few thousand workers and several factories, the equip nearly all the hospital and medical facilities in Japan.

They have developed those anti-virus masks during Civid-19 times, willing to offer a more long lasting protection than traditional paper medical masks.

The filter within the mask is 99% anti-virus proof.

This mask is made from natural organic cotton, and then dyed with natural fruit and flower colors.

Kids can wear this mask at school all day long, with no need to change the mask after 3 or 4 hours.

Sizes: S / about 15 x 12cm


1) Filtration level remains same as 99 %, even after washing 50 times
2) The virus H1N1 was used to run the test in Japan, with this mask model

  • this mask is expected to be washed after wearing of 1 day

      Washing Instructions:

      Wash with soap at night after one day’s wear, and it is recommended to be washed with warm/hot water, and allow a natural dry after wash.