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Natural Anti-virus Mask Adult "Blueberry"

€25,00 EUR

This series of masks has 3 layers structure, while the outside and the inner face layer are made from botanically dyed organic cotton, and the center layer is made from the anti-virus effect fabric.

The anti-virus layer is developed by Shikibo, which is supplying masks, medical uniforms, and other medical related accessories to hospitals in Japan, since more than 10 years.

- Composition: organic cotton
- Colors: naturally dyed with blueberry
- Virus filtration level: 99 %
- Product feature: washable up to 50 times
- Made in Japan
- Sizes: L / about 17 x 14cm


1) Filtration level remains same as 99 %, even after washing 50 times
2) The virus H1N1 was used to run the test in Japan, with this mask model

      Washing Instructions:

      Wash with soap at night after one day’s wear, and it is recommended to be washed with warm/hot water, and allow a natural dry after wash.